Transitioning to a Different Plan

I've decided I need to simplify my life a bit, and am going to focus on local selling more, such as at local craft shows and in person. I've done well at the craft shows and love doing them. For now,  I am going to use the website as a showcase for my items, showing all the different items I make in one spot.

Craft Show dates can be found under the Events page.  

LOCAL SALES / All items are for sale, if still available, and can be viewed or purchased in person, though I will still sell from here as well.  You can contact me through the Contact | Free Spirits Designs page or on my Facebook page to arrange a local meet-up to view or purchase an item. I am in Winlock in Southern Washington State.  

WEBSITE SALES / If you see something here and are not local or want more info on an item,  more pictures and info are readily available. If you decide you want to make a purchase through the website, just contact me through Facebook or on the Contact | Free Spirits Designs form and I will gladly make a listing for you to purchase from, along with shipping that I can quote beforehand and tracking will be provided once shipped. 

Some items can be done in different colors or sizes......just ask! 











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